With the rapid and drastic development of the plastic processing industry, various reinforced plastics and modified plastics come into the market continuously. This results in severe working conditions for the screw and barrel. Corrosion and abrasion are the main causes of screw and barrel failure. ˇ°HITECHˇ± Company has adopted the most advanced technologies and developed the ˇ°HTˇ± series of bimetallic screws and barrels. It is our aim to supply our Customers with high quality barrels and screws and reliable after sales service.
Technical index:
1.Production range: Min.15mm, Max. 300x8000mm.
2.Production class: Nitriding, Bimetallic, Through hardened.

3.Raw material: Nitralloy, Tool steel, Other special materials.
4.Surface roughness: Ra0.4
5.Strightness: 0.015mm/m.